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Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Microscopic Messengers' Request

I've been trying for a while now to figure out how to make avocados more attractive. This seems like it would be a relatively simple task, but every time I start to do it something major happens. Today, for instance, I had just gotten started when these tiny airplanes that appeared to be made of tin foil came buzzing into the cave. They flew in some pretty rad formations for a while and then began circling above Groves' aquarium, where he was trying to nap. One of the planes sprouted a loud speaker and asked Groves if he'd like to come and be the king of a very prominent planet in an uncharted galaxy. Groves considered it, bu† bailed on the idea because we had band rehearsal that afternoon. That Groves, he is one dedicated catfish.


Geneffects said...

The distant planet of Xhhherehhhx is a peace-loving world populated mainly by blue grasshoppers who spend their nights sleeping in abandoned sardine cans. The grasshoppers have, like crickets, developed music-making legs and daily their vibrations echo off of the glass mountains. The grasshopper men and women of Xhhherehhhx spent over two centuries constructing a goliath fishbowl which was to become the home of their future spiritual leader. That leader was to be Groves, but ooooh, he has band practice. Sorry to disappoint you world of grasshoppers, but Groves has band practice. Thanks-a-frickin-lot.

Billy Sugarfix said...


You're good at this. If I'm ever out of town could you cover for me?