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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Surreal O'Rama Song Poem Contest Winner Number 5 !!!!

(click on the title to hear the song)

By Michael Gregorovich

I gotta new dance and it’s really neat,
Ya don’t even hafta leave your seat
Don’t get up, just sit right there
and Wave your feet and hands in the air
Do the Seat Dance

It’s the Seat Dance,
You can find romance
Even if you’re lazy
And even if it makes you look crazy,
Do the Seat Dance

The new Seat Dance is the talk of the town,
You don’t even have to get up to get down,
Your feet don’t hafta touch the ground,
but do ya Have enough energy ta wiggle around?
Do the Seat Dance

Even if you’re lazy, you still can win,
If you have a swivel, you can even spin,
You can dance while ya watch t.v.,
Who says couch potatoes aren’t healthy?
Do the Seat Dance

Don’t leave your seat, just stomp your feet
n’ Shake yer derriere n’ wave your hands in the air,
Ya don’t hafta diet or train ta try it,
do theSeat Dance
without a care, that’s it,
Do the Seat Dance

Do ya have the knack of the New Seat Dance?
You won’t
Wear out yer shoes butchyou’ll wear out yer pants

If you’re not tuckered out from sittin’ about,
Do the Seat Dance,
let’s sit and shout,
Do the Seat Dance

That’s it! You got it!
That’s the Seat Dance, sugar!
Do the Seat Dance

Monday, April 09, 2007

Nawt Yeht

Hey Y'all,

Welp. We're running a little behind here at Sugarfix Manor. I know that the last Song Poem Bizarre Lyrics Contest winner is supposed to be up today, but as you can see it is not. I'll put it up tomorrow or Wednesday. In the mean time, enjoy this:

So, I have this friend, we’ll call him Candlemas, who bought some incense which consisted merely of sawdust from the wood of a certain type of Pear Tree which grows chiefly in Caucasus, Turkey.

Although very fragrant, this incense did not burn well. Candlemas found that you needed to use an aluminum cased angle torch and a sprinkle of gunpowder to get it to light at all.

I know what you’re thinking: and in a way, it was a very bad idea. Candlemas found this out when a nearby aerosol can containing deodorant exploded. The deodorant was comprised of chemicals aplenty and a fair amount of salt from Thailand. When its chemical component ignited, the non-chemical portion shot into the air where it collided with the smoke from the burning pear tree dust and began to congeal and swirl.

This coil of particles, according to Candlemas, became more intense in both speed and density and then suddenly stopped. As though some force had pulled the universe’s emergency break, the world around him ground to a halt, and when Candlemas had recovered from the shock, he found himself staring at an opaque opossum and whether or not you pronounce the O in opossum is entirely up to you.

This opossum proceeded to tell Candlemas that since he had been freed from the trees of Caucasus and the seas of Thailand he would therefore grant one wish to the being who had unearthed the spell which had released him.

And so, my friend Candlemas soon found himself in possession of a time machine filled with money. He promptly entrusted half of the money to me, told me to treat myself to as much fine South American cuisine as I desired, and took off for the 1970s to bet on an ostrich race.

And that, dear readers, is all that we have of the story for the moment. Hopefully we’ll hear from Candlemas soon, but in the mean time I’m way behind in regards to the winning song from our Song Poem Bizarre Lyrics Contest.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Surreal O'Rama Song Poem Contest Winner Number 4 !!!!

Thrift Store Drifter
(click on title to hear song)

by Anthony John Downs

Spoken: DJ Dedtony with another one,,,,

I'm a thrift store drifter,
baby drift with me,
part time shop lifter,
come lift with me...

It was a Saturday in the afternoon,
I was at a second hand, playin sticky hand goon,
I got big pockets in this leisure suit,
so I can lift all this less than 50 cent loot,
I took an 8-track by Shaun Cassidy,
a couple of spoons and a wire for my CB,
Cuz, you gotta see:

I'm a thrift store drifter,
baby drift with me,
part time shop lifter,
come lift with me...

People see me in my Sunday best,
Beat it zipper jeans and a hippy vest,
Rockin' a really cool foolish derby,
with a shirt that reads "Hammer Couldn't hurt Me!"
Yeah, I know you're gettin' jealous,
Cuz your shoplift hand can't be as zealous,
Some got it all and some of us don't,
Some lift at the mall, while some of us won't,
They just don't have what I'm lookin' for,
Where else could I score a scorecard from Boggle?
Get off the bottle, I'm your new role model!
All of y'all wanna follow me cuz:

I'm a thrift store drifter,
baby drift with me,
part time shop lifter,
come lift with me...

I wish you would come to my residence,
I've got so much cool new evidence,
To prove I'm the thrift store theifin' president,
and I won't be hesitant to show you my new rug,
that used to be a floor mat from Walgreen drugs,
my chair with the hair dryer all in the back,
call me a liar and you'll find yourself off track,
I'll let you watch my b and W that blew a fuse,
with the bent ol' rabbit ears that lets you hear the news,
I got a can opener with no blade,
but who eats all that canned food anyways?
Y'all are just gettin' too darn spoiled nowadays,
let me end this song this way:

I'm a thrift store drifter,
baby drift with me,
part time shop lifter,
come lift with me...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Surreal O'Rama Song Poem Contest Winner Number 3 !!!!

That Girl
(Click on the title to hear the song)

By David L. Borland

That Girl

I know that girl, she is fine as can be
to look in her eyes is exercise

She has a gloss to make STEVEN see
Even RAY will agree that

That girl is the girl for me
That girl is the girl for me

Whe SHE’s walking down the street
Her hips swish from chin to chin (AH WOO BA DOO)

Her body heat feels the air
Guys come out from everywhere
Their body heat being to risen

Their hearts beat from beat to beat
Because they know that girl is walking down the street (AH WOO BA DOO)

That girl is the girl for me

She drives a ROLLS that is custom built
Her finances make WALL STREET tremble

That girl is the girl for me
That girl is the girl for me

That gloss in her eyes makes our love come alive
She pleases me to the end of time

That girl is the girl for me
That girl is the girl for me

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Brooklyn 5 and 10 gives you the chance to see the pulp of trees form into Mexican Pecking Chickens or flying pigs. You can also grow gardens from eggs or plant magic matches to grow wildflowers or herbs.

My favorite from their prodigious parade of products is Strange Faces Origami (pictured above) which allows you to create a whole cadre of macabre characters. I must warn you that they might grow up and become monsters of the same magnitude as Batman's Folded Foe, the Paper Man. But, more likely they will just become Strippers .

I'll trust your judgement on this matter, because you, my dear readers, are coruscating clusters of class and culture.

The URL is: brooklyn5and10.com

Monday, March 26, 2007

Surreal O'Rama Song Poem Contest Winner Number 2 !!!!

A Piney Path
(Click on the title to hear the song)

By Diana K. Woodhouse

I walk along a piney path
Then sit beside a tree
I spy a ray of bright sunlight
Filtered through canopy

I sense a glow upon my face
Feeling your warmth and loving grace
A chill goes down my spine
Enchanted by this peace of mine

Still more amazed by heart and soul
Emotion like a flame
It brings us joy and makes us whole
When we forsake it brings us shame

Oh how you shelter and protect
We take for granted and neglect
You give us fuel to grow
And knowledge that we’ll never know

Your precious gifts, a prodigy
Let us embrace your mystery


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chinese Fashion Show

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

If you thought the fire drills were cool, then you'll love seeing their latest apparel creations at Yahoo News


I have twin scrapes, one on each elbow. They are perfectly identical and placed in exact symmetry. I have no idea how they got there but if it is due to alien abduction I will certainly be disappointed. I thought the aliens and I had a better relationship than that. I don’t understand why they have to keep sneaking into my bedroom at night instead of just knocking on the door like everyone else.

These two Gemenis of scabdom that were possibly bestowed on me by extraterrestrials can get a bit itchy, but I’m glad to report that my feet are doing much better. This is due to the fact that I apply generous amounts of vics vapor rub to them on a regular basis. Call me old fashioned, but it works.

For every yin there’s a yang, and whereas I’ve found wondrous uses for vics vapor rub, I cannot for the life of me conjure a valid function for menthol scented nasal dilators. They certainly don’t stop me from snoring like they’re supposed to. But hey, in a universe where vics vapor rub cures onychomycosis (ON-i-ko-my-KO-sis) there must be something I can do with them.

Please (Email Me (billysugarfixATgmailDOTcom)
if you have suggestions as to a useful purpose for menthol scented nasal dilators, and please, no perverts.

I would like to end this post by presenting a poem that explains thoroughly the nasty phenomenon of onychomycosis.

is something rather grotesque
it gets you where you’re lowest
it’s known as toe nail fungus

It turns your toe nails
into snail shells
as though a witch
had cast a spell

sometimes brown
and sometimes yellow
he can be a nasty fellow

as though my toes were possessed
a voodoo needle’s target
petrified and off white

my toe nails are atrocious

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Aries Allstars

A big Surreal O'Rama Salute to all the children of spring! Move your mouse over the postcard and it will reveal the name of one of these rad rams!

..and of course, here's Harvey Sid Fisher with a little snippet from his fine astrology song collection...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Surreal O'Rama Song Poem Contest Winner Number 1 !!!!

These are the Things We Say in Bars, These are the Things We Do
(Click the title to listen)

By Erin Boyd

Fish. Birds. Schools flying in figure eights to the
copulating rhythm of the universe.

How about we leave soon?

The New York Metropolitan, let's go in.
Succumb to the puerile methods used in what we call
modern expressionism.
Hefty bags of human hair forming birth-sack nests to rest
your sagging flesh in.

Refuel little jetfighter, your urd awaits, your star sack is
near empty.

These are the things we say in bars.
These are the things we do.

Take you and your last Good Find.
Go to a nearby star and sleep.
It has happened before but never so bad.

Your cargo holds are filled with the last hope of a beginning.
Software is out there tracking your every move.
Good thing for you your ship is outfitted with the latest in
avoidance technology.
Take on the impossible and know it will never, ever happen.
X-85's move across the sky, but watch out for their direction.
From light years away... you have been chosen -
your help will now show us what you're made of.

How about we leave soon?

Though amused by the far reaches of space, it's still finders-keepers.
Good luck tracking your last hope:
just beyond light speed, long enough to be home.
Something is flashing...
Light penetrates.
Studdering image stuck to the floor flashing...
and there's no time to escape through the unseen door behind you.
So slide silently now with a moustache and dark glasses.
See how the old stuck to the old and you struck like something new.
Curiously flashing, curiously stuck.

These are the things we say in bars.
These are the things we do.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Two Headed Pig Born in China

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Two noses, three eyes! Yahoo News

The Dairy Fountain of Youth

Happy Birthday to Hryhoriy Nestor, the Ukrane's proudest pisces! At age 116 Mr. Nestor is thought to be the oldest person in the world!!!! He credits his longevity to never having been married. What kind of diet does the world's oldest human recommend? Potatoes, milk, cheese and vodka!

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Read all about it on the BBC

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


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This lucky toddler finds herself inside a giant pink balloon at Yayoi Kusama's incredible Dots Obsession Exhibit

Photos from
Yahoo News and here's another!

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Listen to Dots and Obsessions by Quallofill

Monday, March 12, 2007

Lavatory Levity

Hey boys and girls. Today we have some tips from the
World Toilet Organization (WTO)
and the Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now, here's some crappy (and I mean that literally) music from Mitch Mitchell (Jimmy Hendrix Experience? Guided by Voices? your guess is as good as mine). Here's
Butt Song 3.

Let's keep the bowels moving now with Mark Cohen's Brown Water.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Panic Day

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Oh what perfect perilous parralelism. Today, March 9, is recognized officially as Panic Day , and as you ALL KNOW tomorrow is the deadline for submissions to the Surreal O'Rama Song Poem Bizarre Lyrics Contest!!!!


Simply EVERYONE is talking about it. Here's a swell article in The Independent Weekly's blog SCAN! We got the front page in last Wednesday's Daily Tarheel. And in short the entire internet is abuzz with chatter of our eccentric balladry. Just LOOK at all of this; Carrboro Commons!!! , Mann's World, Orange Chat , Atomic Books, and Carrboro.com!!!!

So, if you haven't submitted, do it soon! The balance of the hour glass is not on your side, but you are a gleaming cluster of wonder, and I have boundless bundles of faith in your abilities.
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Monday, March 05, 2007

The Astounding Universe of the Song Poem

two rows and two columns

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Whether you were an oddball who took sketchy magazine advertisements seriously, a shady recording industry misfit, or a cynical freak who liked to test boundaries, then you may have found yourself within the mystical realm of the song poem, especially if you came of age in the 1970s. I'm not going to go into the entire history of this incredible fringe genre of American pop music. You can learn all of that here . I would like to suggest that you visit WFMU's Blog to hear some samples. I especially like this one .

Well, folks, here at the Surreal O'Rama we're trying to bring the 70s back by hosting our own song poem contest. You supply the lyrics, we'll take care of the rest.

Email your submission now!!!

Follow This Link to find other wonderful pages about song poems.

The following is John Trubee's "Peace and Love (a blind man's penis)", possibly the most famous song poem in the galaxy!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Court Room (Surreal O')Drama

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Big up to the jury at the Scooter Libby trial for bringing a pinch of dreaminess to the court room earlier this month. Here's what the New York Times had to say about it.

Before the jurors departed on Wednesday afternoon, they filed into the courtroom, all but one wearing bright red T-shirts with a white valentine heart over their clothes, to the uncertain laughter of many in the courtroom.

But as one juror, a retired North Carolina schoolteacher, rose to speak, Judge Walton became visibly anxious that the juror might say something inappropriate that could threaten the trial. Jurors are not supposed to speak and are supposed to make any concerns known through notes to the bench.

The juror said they were wearing the shirts to express their fondness for the judge and the court staff on Valentine's Day. He then added, to the judge's growing discomfort, that they were unanimous in this sentiment, but they would all be independent in judging the evidence in the Libby case.

The sole juror who apparently declined to wear the shirt was a woman who had been a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Meet the Judges

Here they are, the intrepid men who will be reviewing your lyrics!

Seth Falkner
Urban Coffee Podcast

Seth, along with his friend Dave, host the extremely popular Urban Coffee Podcast. Their witty insights on politics, technology, and music provide the listener with a truly interesting hour+ program. The way that they relate to one another is truly entertaining, a modern take on the classic comedy team which includes the straight man (Dave) and his whacky counterpart (Seth). What makes it work so well, is that they fill these roles naturally. There is no acting involved and the comedic effect is never contrived.

Seth, who is a recording engineer when not hosting the cast, presents a special segment on each episode known as "Seth's Music Cafe" in which he highlights notable artists. Another semi-regular feature on the show is R&B poetry, which features Dave and Seth reciting lyrics from mainstream R&B acts in an academic style, providing their listeners with a good laugh, and a look at how vulnerable the naked lyric actually is. We can only hope that some of our entries will live up to these standards.

Jad Fair

Punk Rock, New Wave, Indie Rock, Alternative, what have you, Jad Fair either invented, helped define, or at the very least was a pioneer of all these things. He is most famous for his work with Half Japanese, the band that he formed with his brother in 1975. He has also released a plethora of solo albums, and has collaborated with artists such as Daniel Johnston, Yo La Tengo, Kramer and Teenage Fanclub. Jad is the perfect judge for a song poem contest, not only because he has extensive knowledge of the genre, but simply because the songs that he writes are so poetic. As the band wails in any number of directions, Jad will release streams of imagery about love, sea monsters, wishes, love, and love. If you ever find yourself feeling apathetic towards your pursuit of music listening, or feeling like you're tired of it all, put on a Half Japanese record, or cassette, or even an mp3, and float on it, for days.

Franklin Bruno
Franklin Bruno on Wikipedia

Franklin Bruno is a Philosophy professor, songwriter, music critic, and a pretty damned amazing guitarist as well. He's been releasing solo projects since the cassette only days and has worked in a number of bands including Nothing Painted Blue, The Extra Glenns (with John Darnelle of the Mountain Goats), and most recently The Human Hearts. He has also worked with such indie rock heavy hitters as Beck, Guided by Voices and The Gobetweens. Jenny Toomey (from the band Tsunami) along with Calexico released an entire album of Franklin Bruno covers.

One of the things that I like most about Franklin's lyrics is that they are not only intelligent, but make me feel smart for understanding them. They manage to fare the slippery slope of being lofty in content yet clear in meaning. His classic song "Levitate" (later released under the title Masonic Eye) is one of my favorites of all time.

In addition to all his talents as a musician, Franklin also writes music criticism for The Village Voice, Time Out New York, and Salon.com.

More Human Hearts Songs on Large Hearted Boy

David Gutowski

Large Hearted Boy
Large Hearted Boy is a fantastic piece of internet pop culture. David Gutowski mines the web and presents his readers with snippets from (and links to) all sorts of articles relating to music and literature. You can find out what Lemony Snickett is listening to, learn about John Waters' latest compilation album, get the scoop on the forthcoming Silver Jews movie and more. All of these things are found in the "Shorties" section of his blog, which is only one portion of what he presents to us daily. In addition, we also get the "Bittorrent Brunch" which gives us links to download live performances from some of indie rock's finest. And of course there are "Daily Downloads", legal mp3s that form a virtual feast for the ears. Hours and hours and hours can be spent on Large Hearted Boy, and it's hard to believe that David also maintains a 24 hour streaming Guided by Voices radiostation and a food blog ( Too Much Pork).

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pisces Parade

A Surreal O'Rama Salute in the form of a postcard to fabulous fish past and present.

Images Provided by Topical Postcards.com

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dairy Drama

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


You may have noticed that I have not been posting much about my illustrious musical career as of late. The reason for this is simple. Evil Wiener, my band of so many years, was recently purchased by Baskin Robbins.

You see, a few days ago I visited one of Basin Robbins’ many conveniently located parlors and was overtaken by the hypnotic reveries of a mixed Love Potion # 31 Pink Bubble Gum milkshake . Whilst deep in the blissful throes of frozen dairy wonder I was approached by a man in a pink leisure suit, and to make a long story short Evil Wiener was traded for another milkshake. It seemed like a good deal at the time, but when Chuck was informed that from this day forth he would be playing drums with waffle cones he was none too pleased. Nor was groves when he was handed a bass that resembled a giant pink spoon.

They locked the three of us in a very cold room together, and told Chuck and Groves to practice. I was given the responsibility of composing jingles for all 31 flavors, and was just settling into my task when the walls trembled and a portly man in a tie-dyed shirt burst through the sheet metal surface which, as it turned out, was all that separated us from the outside world.

“Hello, my name is Ben” he said “I’m sorry Jerry couldn’t make it, but he got a little crazy with some reverse chocolate chunk last night.”

Ben then opened a container of Turtle Cheesecake, sampled a bit, snapped a photograph, and jotted down a few words in a note pad. He repeated these actions 30 times. Within three minutes he had finished, and he motioned for us to follow him through the hole he’d made in the wall. Soon, we were outside again on a sunny street that we now call freedom.

Evil Wiener is safe for the moment, but negotiations with Baskin Robbins are still underway. All I can say is that I hope our next gig will not be in a freezer.

Today's images supplied by Scott Moon of scottmoon.net. Do visit his site. It is wonderful!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ignus Fatuus For Home Viewing

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Vision Researcher Michael Bach can take your eyes on a brain gem rollercoaster ride of sights and knowledge in this wonderful Optical Illusion Tour.

Zero Gravity Art provides us with some more optical trickery, and can put your favorite illusion on a clock, journal, mouse pad, coffe cup or t-shirt!

But what about your ears?

Yoshitaka Nakajima, Takayuki Sasaki, & Gert ten Hoopen can demonstrate a whole host of auditory illusions, such as the incredible

Melody of Silences

or the Discontinuous Change of Time Perception Caused by Time-shrinking.

You don't have to be Axl Rose to use these illusions!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Each time you click on a cluck, you will be transported to a new and differnt world
of feathery fun featuring those beloved barnyard birds known as chickens.







Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Big thanks to Mark Klotz for providing today's picture.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Today, February 5, is my birthday, so it's all about ME ME ME!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Mareva Galanter

Today is the birthday of former Ms. Tahiti/current French underground pop sensation Mareva Galanter. Here she is with a stunning video for "On roule à 160". Tomorrow is MY birthday.

Visit Mareva's Flashtastic Website

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

All About Beagles


Ever have one of those days when you volunteer for a cryogenics experiment and wake up two thousand years in the future in a cold puddle? If the answer is no, then I'm sorry. It was a great day all in all.

Q-tips are all the rage in the future. Not only can they clean your ears with a mad intensity, they can also book you a reservation on the 4:40 shuttle flight to Mercury. They are also excellent at keeping secrets. In the future, you can tell a Q-tip absolutely anything and rest assured that it will never leave the fine cotton crown of this most precious of hygiene items.

Today, I told a Q-tip that she looked just like a miniature baton, and she giggled. I then proceeded to tell her all about beagles, which really isn't a secret or anything, but still it was a great experiement.

I rode from the future to the present on a lovely old bus roughly the size of a cloud with a dazzling red coat on. I wondered why it was wearing the coat but was quick to discover that time travel can be cold, as can typing at 4:23 in the morning, but still, it's great to be back here in the 21st century, and some day I will invite you all over for a game of "Recognize the Modem™".

Monday, January 29, 2007

Mouse Magic

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh no, it's not just something that moves a cursor and clicks. Not any more. The object beneath your hand is a tool of unknown possibilities, but there are some people who are exploring the exciting new medium of mouse manipulation. Here are a few examples.

Use your mouse tomake your own Jackson Pollock -esque Picture

Here's a similar more fluid design maker by Mr. Paul Neave

With the Line To Experimental by Volcanic Penguin you can make a virtual Spyro-graph design!

This lil thing called Grappa-Blue Random is like an etch-a-sketch for the new millenium

And finally there is Jason Nelson's Undirection it would take a while to describe, so I would recommend that you just Click here to begin your journey

If you know of any fun,colorful or just plain weird, mouse manipulation sites
Send me an email or leave a comment on the blog. I'd loooooooooove to know about them!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Who is Tara Bus(c)h?

Cover yer kiddie's eyes, today's tidbit is a little racy. What we have here are two ladies with the same name who both make dreamy videos albeit for very different reasons.

I'm a huge fan of abstract music videos, and of the Theremin, plus I don't mind nude women either. I never imagined that all three of these things could collide to form a virtual Reese's cup for the eyes and ears such as you are about to see. Tara Busch (with a "c") is an actress/model/musician who splits her time between LA and NC. Here's her video for Motorcrash;

Tara Busch's Myspace


Tara Bush (no "c") from what I have gathered makes custom videos geared towards individuals with balloon fetishes. Regardless of whether or not you fit into this category (I'm pleading the fifth here), hopefully you can appreciate the colorful qualities of this clip.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Faeries, Fauns, Monsters with eyes in their hands, Giant Frogs, Enchanted Portals and a maze full of visual treats make Pan's Labyrinth the Surreal O'Rama must see movie of the month!

A little girl and her mother move in with her evil step-father who is a murderous captain in Franco's Army at the end of the Spanish Civil War. The woods are full of Rebels that are dead set on defeating the captain, but also are full of mythical creatures determined to help fulfill a prophecy involving the little girl.

Not only is this film amazing to watch, but you will also get a chance to practice your Spanish as it was hecho in Mexico!

I would recommend viewing this film with perrier, served cold in the bottle, no ice, and perhaps four or five Montpelier Maple Macaroons.

Official Website

View a clip from the film

Assorted Trailers

Listen to Fresh Air interview with Director Guillermo del Toro

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow Globe

Last week, here in old Dixie, we ALMOST had snow, which started me a hankerin' for some of the white fluffy stuff that just doesn't seem to fall here anymore. I do have some esoteric skills, but unfortunately they do not extend into the realm of controlling the weather. That being the case, I turned to a medium that I'm sure you are all familiar with, which is the ever mesmerizing Snow Globe.

Most of us have probably seen snow globes such as these, classic and lovely examples from the collection of Rachel Bell.

But the art created by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz (pictured below) takes globe gazers into a hazy new universe that is equal parts beauty and calamity.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Instead of fumbling around with the English Language in an attempt to describe these macabre yet serene delicacies of the eye, I will encourage you to go here and see some exquisite photosof their work, and then go here to see some more.

Has all this talk about Snow Globes and Language got you wishing that you could write a story and see it come to life inside of a Snow Globe? Well, thanks to performance artist Jillian Mcdonald you can. Her brilliant website Snow Stories allows you to view your words (or a randomly generated story) on a wintry backdrop while wondrous scenes play in (you guessed it) a Snow Globe. Give yourselves a treat boys and girls, you deserve it, YOUR VERY OWN SNOW STORY is only a click away!!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Famous Water Bearers

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but here's a post card from me to these Aquarian Brothers and Sisters!!!

Postcard images from Topicalpostcards.com


Friday, January 19, 2007

The Great Fruitcake Toss of Manitou Springs, CO.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In my youth, I sold fruitcakes in order to earn money for a starving marching band in rural Kentucky. If I had known about The Great Fruitcake Toss of Manitou Springs, Colorado, perhaps I could have provided them with some Giant Sling Shot Fodder and won the prize for selling the most, which was a hand held Pac Man Game.

Oh well, I didn't win the prize, and I won't be there on January 20th when the fruit starts to fly, so let's enjoy these pics from a past tossing from ColoradoGuy.com (who graciously provided us with our posted pic today).


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Alsvid That Ends Vid


Alsvid, one of the fine horses who pulls the sun across the sky each day, took a break and came for a visit this afternoon, and I dare say that I am glad that I was standing just to the left of due North when this crazed winged equis crashed down on the very longitude and latitude of said direction.

"Honorable Alsvid!" said I, "To what do we owe this unexpected visit, is the company of Sol and Arvak wearing thin?"

"Yes, there is that. Plus the lure of a nice stiff mojito!" said the mythical demi-god through its air-weary mane.

Luckily I knew (and still know) of a distillery next to a large field of mint, so off we went. We had a lovely afternoon. We talked a bit about Mexican Goth Metal, and then played twenty rounds of twenty questions.

Naturally, it was a very long day, because Alsvid left the sun in the middle of the sky when he came to visit. I took advantage of the extra daylight to practice elevated lunges and to pick pears.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Puerile Melodies

Hey Hey Hey, it's time for Surreal O Rama Radio! Click on the link to hear the songs (they'll open up in a new window), more information about the artists etc. can be found on the links at the end of the post! Please accept my apologies for the slow loading nature of these songs. Tsk tsk.

So, goooooood moring ! Yowsa Yowsa Yowsa, my name's Billy, I'm your mp3J and we're gonna kick things off today with a tune that features what might be the world's youngest singer/songwriter, here's Meelay 'Lil Dutch

Here, we have more musical youth hijynx with Only Wierd Kids Like Disco. And, yes, I do like disco. I am wierd. I'm also a little bit hungry.

Next up is a shout out to all the Big Eyed Grays of the Zeta Reticuli. From those funloving, marching Pink Aliens.

And our final number today is a little ditty that I think you kids'll really flip over. So, here for your listening pleasure is Genetically Modified Gingerbread Man

I hope that all of the artists included here will read this comprehensive guide to acquiring a number one hit it just might be the match that lights the fuse which will ignite a powder keg causing an explosion that will change the world of pop music FOREVER!!!

I hope that all of the artists will read this Comprehensive Manual on acquiring a number one hit. It just might be the match that lights the fuse which will ignite a powder keg and change pop music forever!

Only weird kids like disco- by Expersona

Pink Alien Theme-by Pink Alien

MeeLay 'Lil Dutch-by Dutch Indica

Genetically Modified Gingerbread Man-by Kids Zong of the Week


Monday, January 15, 2007

A Shrine to Shonen Knife

As a youngster I wrote a letter to three lovely tunemistresses known as Shonen Knife. They wrote back and sent me a picture of themselves in front of a colorully painted school bus. The picture became the center piece of a shrine that I erected to them . At the time they only had two albums out, this was on one of them.

Shonen Knife-Riding on the Rocket

I had never heard of Shonen Knife until a tribute album called Every Band Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them came out which consisted of American bands covering their songs. Here we observe Red Kross paying homage to these Japanese Pop Princesses.

Red Kross-Kappa Ex

Some glowing, wonderous, being had the good sense to tape a british TV show in which the ladies perform "Flying Jelly Attack", "Bear Up Bison", "Pretty Little Baka Guy" and more.

Shonen Knife-Live On TV

Unfortunately due to multiple movings I misplaced the picture, the letter, and all other components of my shrine. Recently, however, Catlin from Moshi Moshi and her boyfriend Sam saw Shonen Knife play. They got me a pick with Naoko's name on it. If you were here I'd let you touch it. If you had a time machine we could go back to '90 and see the shrine. Since neither of those things seem possible at the moment, please relax and enjoy the video shrine that I've compiled here for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

All Aboard, the Surreal O'Rama Cyberspaceship Pleasure Cruise!

That all virtual tours are created equal is not a self-evident truth. But, if you will follow me, we will now board the Surreal O'Rama Cyberspaceship, where yours truly will be your guide to an assortment of tours that get the Billy Sugarfix seal of approval. Right this way, folks, watch your step, and all aboard!

Our first stop is here at the fantastic Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota Springs, Florida. Where you can explore wardrobes, wagons, posters, and other trinkets from the Greatest Show on Earth. Once inside, be sure to visit all four rooms!

Next, let's zip on over to this lovely cemetary in Midway, Georgia. Choose your targets carefully!

And finally, since we've been on Earth for a while, let's check out this Rad Planetarium created by Mr. Paul Neave.

If you know of any virtual tours that strike your fancy as fun, unusal, incredibly colorful or just plain weird, please
Send me an email or leave a comment on the blog. I'd loooooooooove to know about them!

I hope you've enjoyed this Surreal O' Rama Cyberspace Ship Pleasure Cruise. Thank you for flying the random skies!


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Horse Cave, Big Horn

On days when it is too sunny outside, I like to curl down above a well intentioned glass of tang and read the news of the world. Here are some highlights;

Goings on in Big Horn, Wyomining

Happenings from Horse Cave, KY

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I found my pinkys. They were lying on the floor next to a leaf that was full of identical holes. It was the picture of symmetry. The holes were punched perfectly parallel to eachother. Sooo, if you're missing a leaf with beautifully crafted symmetrical perforations, shoot me a line. I'll keep it safe until I hear from you.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Meanwhile In France...

I awoke this morning only to find my pinkys missing again ( new readers see Tangled Up In Pink ). Soooo, in the absence of my digits forgive me if I forgo typing, and present you with this lovely show.