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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Shrine to Shonen Knife

As a youngster I wrote a letter to three lovely tunemistresses known as Shonen Knife. They wrote back and sent me a picture of themselves in front of a colorully painted school bus. The picture became the center piece of a shrine that I erected to them . At the time they only had two albums out, this was on one of them.

Shonen Knife-Riding on the Rocket

I had never heard of Shonen Knife until a tribute album called Every Band Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them came out which consisted of American bands covering their songs. Here we observe Red Kross paying homage to these Japanese Pop Princesses.

Red Kross-Kappa Ex

Some glowing, wonderous, being had the good sense to tape a british TV show in which the ladies perform "Flying Jelly Attack", "Bear Up Bison", "Pretty Little Baka Guy" and more.

Shonen Knife-Live On TV

Unfortunately due to multiple movings I misplaced the picture, the letter, and all other components of my shrine. Recently, however, Catlin from Moshi Moshi and her boyfriend Sam saw Shonen Knife play. They got me a pick with Naoko's name on it. If you were here I'd let you touch it. If you had a time machine we could go back to '90 and see the shrine. Since neither of those things seem possible at the moment, please relax and enjoy the video shrine that I've compiled here for your viewing pleasure.

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