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Sunday, January 14, 2007

All Aboard, the Surreal O'Rama Cyberspaceship Pleasure Cruise!

That all virtual tours are created equal is not a self-evident truth. But, if you will follow me, we will now board the Surreal O'Rama Cyberspaceship, where yours truly will be your guide to an assortment of tours that get the Billy Sugarfix seal of approval. Right this way, folks, watch your step, and all aboard!

Our first stop is here at the fantastic Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota Springs, Florida. Where you can explore wardrobes, wagons, posters, and other trinkets from the Greatest Show on Earth. Once inside, be sure to visit all four rooms!

Next, let's zip on over to this lovely cemetary in Midway, Georgia. Choose your targets carefully!

And finally, since we've been on Earth for a while, let's check out this Rad Planetarium created by Mr. Paul Neave.

If you know of any virtual tours that strike your fancy as fun, unusal, incredibly colorful or just plain weird, please
Send me an email or leave a comment on the blog. I'd loooooooooove to know about them!

I hope you've enjoyed this Surreal O' Rama Cyberspace Ship Pleasure Cruise. Thank you for flying the random skies!



lastoutlaw76 said...

Hi Billy,
I am the co-owner of Quantum Tour.
You mentioned one of our tours in this blog. (Midway Cemetery).
We are happy you mentioned our tours. Thank you. You are right about virtual tours not being equal.
Ours have the potential to embed video into them as well as links to take you from point of interest to point of interest as well as mouse over effects like blowup photos, embedded text for info and even make televisions or screens play commercials .
I have included a few links to demonstrate the possibilities of our product.
Want to see a fountain run and hear it?
Want to learn about the location with mouseover text?

Again, thanks for the mention,

Billy Sugarfix said...

Yes. Yes I DO want to see a fountain run...and hear it!

Thanks for the links Greg.

I shall follow them all!