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Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow Globe

Last week, here in old Dixie, we ALMOST had snow, which started me a hankerin' for some of the white fluffy stuff that just doesn't seem to fall here anymore. I do have some esoteric skills, but unfortunately they do not extend into the realm of controlling the weather. That being the case, I turned to a medium that I'm sure you are all familiar with, which is the ever mesmerizing Snow Globe.

Most of us have probably seen snow globes such as these, classic and lovely examples from the collection of Rachel Bell.

But the art created by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz (pictured below) takes globe gazers into a hazy new universe that is equal parts beauty and calamity.

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Instead of fumbling around with the English Language in an attempt to describe these macabre yet serene delicacies of the eye, I will encourage you to go here and see some exquisite photosof their work, and then go here to see some more.

Has all this talk about Snow Globes and Language got you wishing that you could write a story and see it come to life inside of a Snow Globe? Well, thanks to performance artist Jillian Mcdonald you can. Her brilliant website Snow Stories allows you to view your words (or a randomly generated story) on a wintry backdrop while wondrous scenes play in (you guessed it) a Snow Globe. Give yourselves a treat boys and girls, you deserve it, YOUR VERY OWN SNOW STORY is only a click away!!!!

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