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Surreal O'Rama Song Poem Contest Winner Number 5 !!!!

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By Michael Gregorovich

I gotta new dance and it’s really neat,
Ya don’t even hafta leave your seat
Don’t get up, just sit right there
and Wave your feet and hands in the air
Do the Seat Dance

It’s the Seat Dance,
You can find romance
Even if you’re lazy
And even if it makes you look crazy,
Do the Seat Dance

The new Seat Dance is the talk of the town,
You don’t even have to get up to get down,
Your feet don’t hafta touch the ground,
but do ya Have enough energy ta wiggle around?
Do the Seat Dance

Even if you’re lazy, you still can win,
If you have a swivel, you can even spin,
You can dance while ya watch t.v.,
Who says couch potatoes aren’t healthy?
Do the Seat Dance

Don’t leave your seat, just stomp your feet
n’ Shake yer derriere n’ wave your hands in the air,
Ya don’t hafta diet or train ta try it,
do theSeat Dance
without a care, that’s it,
Do the Seat Dance

Do ya have the knack of the New Seat Dance?
You won’t
Wear out yer shoes butchyou’ll wear out yer pants

If you’re not tuckered out from sittin’ about,
Do the Seat Dance,
let’s sit and shout,
Do the Seat Dance

That’s it! You got it!
That’s the Seat Dance, sugar!
Do the Seat Dance

Monday, April 09, 2007

Nawt Yeht

Hey Y'all,

Welp. We're running a little behind here at Sugarfix Manor. I know that the last Song Poem Bizarre Lyrics Contest winner is supposed to be up today, but as you can see it is not. I'll put it up tomorrow or Wednesday. In the mean time, enjoy this:

So, I have this friend, we’ll call him Candlemas, who bought some incense which consisted merely of sawdust from the wood of a certain type of Pear Tree which grows chiefly in Caucasus, Turkey.

Although very fragrant, this incense did not burn well. Candlemas found that you needed to use an aluminum cased angle torch and a sprinkle of gunpowder to get it to light at all.

I know what you’re thinking: and in a way, it was a very bad idea. Candlemas found this out when a nearby aerosol can containing deodorant exploded. The deodorant was comprised of chemicals aplenty and a fair amount of salt from Thailand. When its chemical component ignited, the non-chemical portion shot into the air where it collided with the smoke from the burning pear tree dust and began to congeal and swirl.

This coil of particles, according to Candlemas, became more intense in both speed and density and then suddenly stopped. As though some force had pulled the universe’s emergency break, the world around him ground to a halt, and when Candlemas had recovered from the shock, he found himself staring at an opaque opossum and whether or not you pronounce the O in opossum is entirely up to you.

This opossum proceeded to tell Candlemas that since he had been freed from the trees of Caucasus and the seas of Thailand he would therefore grant one wish to the being who had unearthed the spell which had released him.

And so, my friend Candlemas soon found himself in possession of a time machine filled with money. He promptly entrusted half of the money to me, told me to treat myself to as much fine South American cuisine as I desired, and took off for the 1970s to bet on an ostrich race.

And that, dear readers, is all that we have of the story for the moment. Hopefully we’ll hear from Candlemas soon, but in the mean time I’m way behind in regards to the winning song from our Song Poem Bizarre Lyrics Contest.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Surreal O'Rama Song Poem Contest Winner Number 4 !!!!

Thrift Store Drifter
(click on title to hear song)

by Anthony John Downs

Spoken: DJ Dedtony with another one,,,,

I'm a thrift store drifter,
baby drift with me,
part time shop lifter,
come lift with me...

It was a Saturday in the afternoon,
I was at a second hand, playin sticky hand goon,
I got big pockets in this leisure suit,
so I can lift all this less than 50 cent loot,
I took an 8-track by Shaun Cassidy,
a couple of spoons and a wire for my CB,
Cuz, you gotta see:

I'm a thrift store drifter,
baby drift with me,
part time shop lifter,
come lift with me...

People see me in my Sunday best,
Beat it zipper jeans and a hippy vest,
Rockin' a really cool foolish derby,
with a shirt that reads "Hammer Couldn't hurt Me!"
Yeah, I know you're gettin' jealous,
Cuz your shoplift hand can't be as zealous,
Some got it all and some of us don't,
Some lift at the mall, while some of us won't,
They just don't have what I'm lookin' for,
Where else could I score a scorecard from Boggle?
Get off the bottle, I'm your new role model!
All of y'all wanna follow me cuz:

I'm a thrift store drifter,
baby drift with me,
part time shop lifter,
come lift with me...

I wish you would come to my residence,
I've got so much cool new evidence,
To prove I'm the thrift store theifin' president,
and I won't be hesitant to show you my new rug,
that used to be a floor mat from Walgreen drugs,
my chair with the hair dryer all in the back,
call me a liar and you'll find yourself off track,
I'll let you watch my b and W that blew a fuse,
with the bent ol' rabbit ears that lets you hear the news,
I got a can opener with no blade,
but who eats all that canned food anyways?
Y'all are just gettin' too darn spoiled nowadays,
let me end this song this way:

I'm a thrift store drifter,
baby drift with me,
part time shop lifter,
come lift with me...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Surreal O'Rama Song Poem Contest Winner Number 3 !!!!

That Girl
(Click on the title to hear the song)

By David L. Borland

That Girl

I know that girl, she is fine as can be
to look in her eyes is exercise

She has a gloss to make STEVEN see
Even RAY will agree that

That girl is the girl for me
That girl is the girl for me

Whe SHE’s walking down the street
Her hips swish from chin to chin (AH WOO BA DOO)

Her body heat feels the air
Guys come out from everywhere
Their body heat being to risen

Their hearts beat from beat to beat
Because they know that girl is walking down the street (AH WOO BA DOO)

That girl is the girl for me

She drives a ROLLS that is custom built
Her finances make WALL STREET tremble

That girl is the girl for me
That girl is the girl for me

That gloss in her eyes makes our love come alive
She pleases me to the end of time

That girl is the girl for me
That girl is the girl for me