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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Puerile Melodies

Hey Hey Hey, it's time for Surreal O Rama Radio! Click on the link to hear the songs (they'll open up in a new window), more information about the artists etc. can be found on the links at the end of the post! Please accept my apologies for the slow loading nature of these songs. Tsk tsk.

So, goooooood moring ! Yowsa Yowsa Yowsa, my name's Billy, I'm your mp3J and we're gonna kick things off today with a tune that features what might be the world's youngest singer/songwriter, here's Meelay 'Lil Dutch

Here, we have more musical youth hijynx with Only Wierd Kids Like Disco. And, yes, I do like disco. I am wierd. I'm also a little bit hungry.

Next up is a shout out to all the Big Eyed Grays of the Zeta Reticuli. From those funloving, marching Pink Aliens.

And our final number today is a little ditty that I think you kids'll really flip over. So, here for your listening pleasure is Genetically Modified Gingerbread Man

I hope that all of the artists included here will read this comprehensive guide to acquiring a number one hit it just might be the match that lights the fuse which will ignite a powder keg causing an explosion that will change the world of pop music FOREVER!!!

I hope that all of the artists will read this Comprehensive Manual on acquiring a number one hit. It just might be the match that lights the fuse which will ignite a powder keg and change pop music forever!

Only weird kids like disco- by Expersona

Pink Alien Theme-by Pink Alien

MeeLay 'Lil Dutch-by Dutch Indica

Genetically Modified Gingerbread Man-by Kids Zong of the Week


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