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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Earth Tones

Mother Earth is in a very bad mood these days. I just can't talk to her. She doesn't respond to any questions that I ask. She just shrugs her shoulders and shakes off alternating waves of blistering heat and rain storms. The only thing she'll say is
that she's hungry, when I ask her what she would like she looks at me as though I should know.

I understand that this is a heck of a way to come back after not posting for over a month, but when an entire planet has the blues it just doens't seem like a good time to write. Know what I mean?


Anonymous said...

Fuck!!! Stop this, you're wasting time. Mother Earth has always had the blues, posting it doesn't mean it just happened. God, you made me waste like 5 minutes of my time, why did I respond?

-Paul Krysler

Billy Sugarfix said...

I would say that if it took you five minutes to read this post it probably took you about an hour to word the response that you don't even know why you posted. So, who's wasting time, you or me?

Mona said...

Billy Sugarfix:
I don't think that sugar is really your fix, because sugar doesn't make people write like you do. Your writing is ethereal, very Alice in Wonderland and I don't mean that as a diss, it's all praise. Look forward to your return, as you've been avoiding us for some time...

Billy Sugarfix said...

Gwarsh Mona. When I blush I turn violet instead of red and you can bet that I'm near solid purple after reading your comment. You really know how to make a feller feel alright. Do you like French Fries? Are you a Pisces? Do you like music? If I wish for you an entire field of tulips would you visit my audio blog?

Song-A-Day Podcast

Heart U

mona said...

holy shit billy sugarfix - personalized songs! Did Harry Potter request The Golden Snitch? And yes, I'm too old to actually know the reference. But somehow I do.

I like french fries. I am not a Pisces, but I am a water sign. I don't know anyone who has ever said they don't like music.

I write songs for people too. But they are gifts, and they are cheezy, and I can't read music so I make up the chords. My nails are long and my finger blisters are gone, and you can bet my guitar has gathered cobwebs.

Thanks for visiting the Darker Side of Me. Guess I haven't been too dark lately