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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tart Rosy Hope

To make truly wonderful pink lemonade, one must collect a portion of the white plains and mix it with a splash of the Red Sea. That is what I did today and it was DEELISH!!

I shared it with my friend, The Internet. He looked a bit sad and said to me;

"I, who am father to all of the blogs, have no blog of my own. I, who allows my space for myspace have no mp3s up. Your tube is really my tube but where are MY videos in which I lip sync a forgotten classic from the 80's?

I had no answer for him, but I did have some extraordinary Pink Lemonade. He took one sip and laughed.

"Don't worry" I said, feeling relieved that the mood had lightened. "I'll write about you in MY blog."

And, my elegant deemers of lexeme, although this story has no blockbuster ending in which the Geese are all freed by the enchanted hair brush, you will all sleep soundly knowing that I- Billy Sugarfix, have kept my word.

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