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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Surreal O'Rama Song Poem Contest Winner Number 5 !!!!

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By Michael Gregorovich

I gotta new dance and it’s really neat,
Ya don’t even hafta leave your seat
Don’t get up, just sit right there
and Wave your feet and hands in the air
Do the Seat Dance

It’s the Seat Dance,
You can find romance
Even if you’re lazy
And even if it makes you look crazy,
Do the Seat Dance

The new Seat Dance is the talk of the town,
You don’t even have to get up to get down,
Your feet don’t hafta touch the ground,
but do ya Have enough energy ta wiggle around?
Do the Seat Dance

Even if you’re lazy, you still can win,
If you have a swivel, you can even spin,
You can dance while ya watch t.v.,
Who says couch potatoes aren’t healthy?
Do the Seat Dance

Don’t leave your seat, just stomp your feet
n’ Shake yer derriere n’ wave your hands in the air,
Ya don’t hafta diet or train ta try it,
do theSeat Dance
without a care, that’s it,
Do the Seat Dance

Do ya have the knack of the New Seat Dance?
You won’t
Wear out yer shoes butchyou’ll wear out yer pants

If you’re not tuckered out from sittin’ about,
Do the Seat Dance,
let’s sit and shout,
Do the Seat Dance

That’s it! You got it!
That’s the Seat Dance, sugar!
Do the Seat Dance

1 comment:

dedtony said...

HAHAHA!!! Cool..The Seat Dance leans further into cool territory than does the "Lean Back," rides on the waves of awesomeness more than "Ghost Ridin' The Whip," and slides further into dopeness than does the "Cha Cha Slide"...Oh yeah, how did y'all get the time travel machine to go back in time and get Talking Heads to record this for y'all? Didja borrow Uncle Rico's time machine from Ebay? Cool track...and, as always; a big congrats to the songpoem lyricist...To quote the late Steve Irwin: NOICE!!!