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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Trouble at Lake Wiener

After about nine and two fifths hours of non-stop rock- Chuck, Groves and I took a breather.

"Gosh, my voice is tired" I said. "It's hard to sing without a microphone."

"What are you complaining about" said Groves "I haven't been in the water for nine and two fiftsh hours, I can barely breathe."

"Yeah" said Chuck "I don't even have any arms and I have to play drums"

"But I have to sing and play the guitar at the same time. And without a microphone I have to yell really loud to be heard over you two" I said.

"Ooooooooooooooooooh wook at the widdle singewsongwitew. ‘My voice hurts. Wahhhh Wahhhhh.’" Taunted Chuck.

We then heard a splash as Groves jumped in the water and returned with two funnel cakes. He gave one to Chuck. They both looked at me as they sniffed and ogled their tasty fried treats.

More than one can play this game, I thought as I plunged my hands into my pocket and whipped out a rainbow flavored sno-cone.

"Mmmmmm Mmmmm" I said. "Nothing like a nice sno-cone to cool you down on a hot summer day"

Chuck and Groves looked sadly at their funnel cakes and then enviously at my sno-cone.

"Say Billy" Said Groves, "You wouldn't happen to have another sno-cone for your old pal Groves would you."

"Well, I just might" I said.

"How 'bout I trade you some of my funnel cake for one" Said Groves.

"How about I give you each a sno-cone after we rock out some more"

"Deal" Said Groves.

"Ditto" Said Chuck.

"Hey guys, I'm sorry I was complaining earlier." I said.

"No problem" said Groves.

"Yeah" added Chuck "Sorry we gave the business like we did."

"It's forgotten, now who's ready to kick the oil out of the olive"

"Me!!" said Groves.

"Hooray!!!" said Chuck.

So, we cranked it up and began to mesmerize the world around us with our own original brand of power pop. I couldn't help noticing that the untouched funnel cake that lay next to Chuck had pretty green eyes.

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