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Monday, December 13, 2004

This Most Gifted Splinter

I awoke the next morning a bit later than usual, and simultaneously saw/heard that Chuck had discovered the Singing Toothpick™ I’d invented (see Flutter and Squeak) .

“So, what do you think of my latest invention?” I asked.

“It’s more killer than a Rhino on an anthill” responded Chuck. He then raised this most gifted splinter to his mouth and the sounds of Flashdance (What a Feeling) echoed inside his mouth as the remains of his last meal were scraped away from his rocky enamel.

“What’s all the racket?” Said Groves as he peered above the meniscus of the giant aquarium that housed him.

Chuck began to reply, but before the words could leave his mouth, the toothpick ceased its singing and said:

“I, sir, am a singing toothpick. I can sing any tune that you can name, and I can also free the most stubborn of food particles from your teeth.”

A wave of pride that could destroy all of Hawaii were it an actual wave in the ocean swept over me.

“That’s muh boy” I said.

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