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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Farewell My Funnel Cake

I was incredibly excited when I recieved an invitation to go to the birthday party of the pretty little funnel cake who I had first met at the rock quarry and who later came to see Evil Wiener play. I followed a handwritten map that led me through a forest of honeysuckle to a giant apple tree. All of the apples made a magical jingling sound when they shook, and just ten paces to the right of the tree was her house.

Oh what a party. The Funnel Cake met me at the door and introduced me to the tooth fairy , who kept threatening to tell us how all of the movies we ever wanted to see had ended. Also in attendance were at least seven smurfs, and a pig in a cheerleader's outfit along with various unidentifiable sprites and a talking kitten who was interested in performance art.

Soon, the party dwindled, but the funnel cake did not. She took me on a journey into a world of hypnotic sounds and bright colors that lasted for 605 days. We ate popsicles made of frozen orange juice and honey. We made movies. We sang songs. We read stories to eachother.

Finally the Funnel Cake said she had to go. I wanted to ask her why, but instead I just watched as she disappeared behind the swingset from my childhood home.

Tell her hello if you see her. She will smile at you and make you feel really good about yourself.

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