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Monday, March 14, 2005

The Great Gummy Prophet

At approximately 3:17 (42 seconds) this afternoon, a prophet appeared before me and said;

"Be still my son. For by the end of this post ye shall have used the phrase "up in here" two and a half times, and say it not with any hint of an African American inflection. Speak with your own voice, my son, only with your own voice."

He then hailed a cab and headed out to Red Lobster for some fried clam strips.

Soon, Chuck came along with a shoe box full of gummy worms and asked if I could hold on to them. Now, as probably is the case with nearly anyone reading this blog, when you run into me at 3:20 (19 seconds) in the afternoon, you can bet that my arms are already full of gummy lunch packs. Being as this was the case, I balanced the shoe box on my head and headed on down the road where I ran into Groves who said;

"Hey Billy, do you have any gummy worms?"

"Yes" was my reply.

"Where are they?" asked Groves as he began eyeing the gummy treats in my hands.

"Up" I said rolling my eyes towards the shoe box on my head "Up, in here".

Groves quickly relieved me of the box and went on his merry way.

I then decided to change my name to Upin just as my cell phone rang. Naturally I answered it and said;

"Hello. Upin here."

It was my Great Uncle Reginald Sugarfix. Now, I haven't heard from him in about 5,672 years so naturally, I'm wondering what the Sam Hill is going on up in

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