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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Things That Run

Have you ever felt like people don't take you seriously because you don't have a face? If the answer to this question is no, then I would be willing to bet that you, dear reader, are NOT a meteorite with a talent for playing the drums that fell to earth in order to become the crucial last third of the mystical power pop trio known as Evil Wiener. Chuck, on the other hand, fits this description perfectly and has in fact often felt a lack of respect due to his lack of a face.

In order to remedy this situation, Chuck, ever the problem solver, installed a faucet precisely where one would expect to see a nose. It looks killer too. It has improved Chuck's outlook immensely and we here at Evil Wiener HQ are very happy about it, and we know that you at home are too.

So, in order to celebrate Chuck's fantastic triumph, we would like for you to stop what you are doing and do the running man for five seconds. Go ahead, you know you look great when you do it...so give the world what it wants. Do the running man right now.


Geneffects said...

I totally just did the running man. Socks on hardwood floors made for smooth runnin'.

Anonymous said...

I just "laughed up" coke right thru my nose!! not much of a comment but funny nonetheless, no?

Billy Sugarfix said...

Hey anomynous, clean up that cokeee coleee and come on back to the surreal-o-rancho!