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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

South of Lake Constance

Groves finally returned from China with enough Won Ton soup to feed a small country. So, without delay, we all hopped on Chuck's stilts and headed for Liechtenstein and had a big ole soup party. In Liechtenstien the Macarena is just catching on, which is cool as Chuck never learned how to do it, but not cool because Chuck is a meteorite and thus has no arms or legs. But, Chuck never ceases to amaze anyone and came through like a champ. He did the Macarena for like three and a half days before we returned home. Chuck liked the citizens of Liechtenstein so much that he decided to let them have his stilts, which will always guide their walker to secret stashes of soup located at all points of the Universe.

In return they gave Chuck a lawn mower engine, three coaxial cables, a pair of glasses, a VW Quantum Door Handle, a fresh air intake kit, five double claw clamp ISO flanges, a bag of seawood cookies, and a clock radio.

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